Unbeatable protection

Chat, browse, share files, and shop online with the protection of an antivirus that has the highest score in AV-TESTING and the effectiveness of Advanced Protection.

Delete useless audio files

Delete files that compromise cell performance and remove large audio files stored on WhatsApp. With one click, you get more space for photos, music, games etc.

The AV-Test is the world's leading algorithm for testing and issuing quality certificates for antivirus products. In its latest assessment, DFNDR was rated as one of the best antivirus in the world for Android, with top grades for usability and protection.

Speed up your navigation

Enjoy a faster smartphone where you can browse and have fun with super-fast games. Kiper, your trusty companion, is there to make sure your device runs like new!

More privacy and control

Protect apps like WhatsApp and Facebook with a Applock password and you can count Antitheft to manage your Android remotely in case of loss or theft.

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