How do I enable the Anti-Theft function in DFNDR?

To enable the Anti-Theft function, open the DFNDR application first. Select "Tools", browse to Privacy and select Anti-theft:

Touch "continue"

Choose the Google account that you will use to activate Anti-theft with.

Now your Anti-theft is activated.

Some functions in Anti-theft as Clear data require Advanced Protection enabled. With this function you protect your device against the uninstallation of third parties in the event of loss or theft and protects the cell attacks.

If you choose to enable Advanced Protection, select Activate.

You also can enable the Screen Lock of Android prevent intruders from accessing your device.

If you enable the screen lock, insert a new pattern.

Then repeat. You can disable the Screen Lock whenever you want accessing Settings > Screen Lock > Lock Screen > Disable.

You can choose what kind of content will m showed in your lock screen.

If you enable all the protection suggestions of Anti-theft, this message will be showed.

You will receive an activation confirmation email.

After enabling Anti-theft, you can remotely locate, lock and activate the alarm for your stolen device. Learn more about the requirements of Anti-titheft by clicking here.

To view how to access the site, click HERE.

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