My device is offline. How do I block it?

If your phone has been stolen and you want to lock the phone, you can activate the PSafe Total Lock function.

When activated, this function locks the device screen hindering third parties from accessing your data.

To lock, open Meu.PSafe  and then click Sign in with Google account (the account must be the same as you used to enable Anti-Theft)

Log in with the same Google account registered in Anti-theft on your device.

From the home screen, move your mouse to the red icon with a plus sign in the lower right

Click the Lock Device option

You will see a text box to confirm the command has been sent. Click Confirm

The command has been sent to your device. Now click Confirm.

If your device is not connected to the internet , the command will send to your device but will only run when the phone is connected to the Internet. Learn more about the requirements for the Anti-theft function HERE.

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