What is needed in order to operate My.PSafe?

In order to enable the "Anti-Theft" function, it is necessary that the DFNDR application is installed, updated and active in your Android device.

Even with these conditions above, PSafe reiterates that the success of the functions within "Anti-theft" depend on other factors (including the user). PSafe does not control or influence, the following (without limitation): 

• a device/ its battery;

• an active connection between the device and the data network and / or in-case SMS commands, the voice network (including, paid networks with an active balance and linked device); and

• map data or other location information (which comes from outsourced services) that may not be available in all areas or may be incomplete or inaccurate data.

PSafe reiterates that events or actions of third parties (including the user), for which PSafe is not responsible (being out of control or influence of PSafe) can leave the DFNDR application and / or your Android device in a condition that does not meets the requirements listed above: for example, without limitation, if a person (a) delete the DFNDR application device or (b) disconnect the device from the data network and / or voice, through the exchange or taken from chip (SIM card).

The PSafe does not provide the location, even if approximate, Android devices using the DFNDR application installed and does not guarantee the success in searching for and locating procedure.

The PSafe reiterates that DFNDR application is an auxiliary tool and does not replace the procedures that you must perform with the police, especially in case of theft or equipment theft.

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