DFNDR's new Private Gallery

With the release of 3.11 version of DFNDR, the Private Gallery has changed. Now your photos remain in the memory of your application so you can access to them when you reinstall DFNDR. 

You will have the limit of 100 photos to store in the Secret Gallery. In case you have already saved the photos and then uninstalled the application, do not worry, when you re-access in the “new” gallery, your photos will be there.

If you had more than 100 photos stored in the gallery before this new version, you only will be able to add new photos when the number stored in the gallery is less than 100.

When you perform the migration process, stay on the Update New DFNDR Gallery screen until the process is completed.

If you want to "Remove photos" instead of upgrading your Secret Gallery, the photos that were already stored will be saved in the "Downloads" folder and you can start using the Gallery from scratch.


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