What is the Battery Manager in PSafe Total?

When you click on the Battery Manager, you can check the information about your device's battery lifetime. To access this function click Tools, then Battery Manager.

You will have access to functions that save battery

On the next screen, the PSafe Total will show you what the load consumption is. There are three pieces of battery information : Recharging Quick, when the phone still has enough battery and there is no need to recharge; Supplementary charge when the battery power has been average, but you can still expect to recharge in the near future; Slow and recharge when the battery power has been enough and you must wait longer for the battery charging to complete. In PSafe Total’s screen it is also possible to find out how long the battery should last even until the charge runs out completely.

You can also check the battery performance by analyzing the consumption of applications. To do this, click Income. You will be redirected to the graphics of Android itself, which will show the complete data.

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