How do I use the Floating Window in DFNDR?

Click the icon that appears on the home screen of your device. A window appears with the available functions. It will also be the percentage of use in the current memory.

By clicking on the window, the options will appear for you to choose. The functions are:

1 - Brightness: with the brightness bar, you set the brightness level of the screen sliding left to decrease brightness or right to increase brightness.

2 - Tap: Switch between the basic functions Touch using the shortcut in DFNDR.

3 - Data: Enable or disable access to the data network using the shortcut DFNDR.

4 - Flashlight: Turn on / off the flash from your mobile phone to use it as a flashlight.

5 - WI-FI: Enable or disable your Wi-Fi using the DFNDR shortcut.

6 - Apps: Download applications securely within the DFNDR.

7 - Accelerator: Clicking this button, the DFNDR will close applications in the background of your Android, speeding up your phone and battery saving.


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