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This is the only battery saver that actually closes apps and doesn't allow them to restart. Excellent app.
Michael Dezutti
This app actually works! Now my battery isn't draining even when I'm playing
Kenji Yasuda
Simple and very good. Surely better than the two famous battery applications. Smart, keep it up.
Maria Francis
It really helps your battery life a lot.....thanks Psafe for all your hard work...!!!!!!!
Jairo Garcia
Love the app works great. It is great at optimization and I really like the way it turns off the apps in the background that I'm not using??????
Stephanie Beard
Easy to use! Saves a lot of energy by using less battery!
Holly Treloar
Best battery saver app ever. That I personally use. Really helps save on your battery life.
Deseree Oshea

what does the app do?

dfndr battery helps extend battery life by closing power-draining apps running in the background and adjusting the brightness of your phone screen.

What features does the app have?

Quick optimization
One-click closes unnecessary app activities and saves battery power.
Battery cooler
Protect your CPU and other vital phone components from potential damage by lowering the temperature of your battery.
Charge monitor
Monitor your battery and prevent overcharging with real-time notifications.
Screen saver
Adjusts your screen's light output without compromising brightness and visibility.

Quick tips to make your battery last longer

You can save battery power by following these simple steps.


Idle apps that are not being used continue to consume power and drain your battery. Closing them will not only extend battery life, but improves the speed of your phone. Super Optimization is your one-touch solution that quickly finds and closes apps you are not currently using.



Cool down your CPU, conserve power and avoid lag with one click.




Total Charge monitors your battery charging time to prevent overloads and damage to critical components.



Top-Rated Security

For Everyone

dfndr received top scores from AV-Test Institute more than 20 times.


Our apps are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to protect what matters to you most.
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cyberattacks detected by PSafe in the last 24h

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Find the right app that fits your needs.
A complete solution for all of your phone’s security needs
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Monitor your digital credentials 24/7
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Fake News Alerts
Detects and warns you of potentially fake news links before you click on them
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Be alerted if there is a WhatsApp hacking attempt
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Find out if your e-mail address or password was leaked online
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Recover your phone and secure its contents if it's lost or stolen
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Scam Alerts
Detects and warns you of potentially malicious links and websites before you click on them
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Junk Cleaner
Improve processor speed and functionality by removing junk files
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Notifications Cleaner
Hide notifications from selected apps then review and clear them when you’re ready
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Phone Booster
Improve your phone’s performance
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Password-protect apps containing sensitive data
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Phone Assistant
Get daily alerts on how your phone is performing
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Apps Cleaner
Create more room on your phone by deleting unused apps
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Battery and storage saver
Save your battery, mobile data, and free up some storage space
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Gain more storage by deleting redundant photos
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Internet Booster
Speed up your connection by closing bandwidth draining apps
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Be invisible to hackers
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Games Booster
Speed up your favorite games
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Scheduled Cleanup
Setup automatic cleanings to remove junk files
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WhatsApp Cleaner
Easily delete storage hogging files and conversations
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Messenger Cleaner
Select the files you want to erase from your log
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Cache Cleaner
Make your phone faster by removing old files
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Wifi Check
Check the speed and security of your internet connection
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CPU Cooler
Prevent your phone from overheating by closing background apps
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