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The 10 most famous criminals on the Internet

The 10 Most Famous Internet Viruses

We listed the ten most famous Internet viruses, who created them and what year they emerged. Read on for details

Some viruses were created by accident, others with the intention of committing cybercrimes. History records the top 10 minds who created viruses and caused damage to both people and businesses. In addition, of course, some damage to the privacy of victims who have had their personal data hacked and disseminated on the Internet.

And who is behind the creation of these viruses ? Learn the history of the 10 most destructive viruses of today and its creators:

1. Morris

The story goes that the virus was created by Robert Morris in 1988. It was developed without the intent to commit cybercrimes. In fact, Morris tried to measure the size of the Internet. From a flaw in software code, millions of computers to NASA were infected, paralyzing all network resources around the world.

2. Melissa

In 1999, David L. Smith created the Melissa. The virus was sent by email and had the ability to multiply in Word, Excel and Outlook. Where Melissa went on , It turned off all e-mail systems, causing an overload on the internet servers.

3. I Love You

Unromantic, a developer of Manila, the Philippine capital, created the virus ‘I love you’ in 2000. This was a more problematic spread around the world.

Users received an email named ‘I love you’. In addition to ordinary people, many government agencies have been attacked, including the CIA. It had to stop using your email system to stop proliferation.

4. Code Red

This virus was created in 2001, probably in China. Won the name eEye Digital when the researchers discovered. At the time, they were tdrinking something called Code Red Mountain Dew. Code Red infected systems that were running the server software and left the following message: “Hacked by Chinese!”

5. CIH

This virus was created in 1998 by Chen Ing Hau. He was also known as Chernobyl.Considered the most devastating compared to other viruses, CIH was able to delete data from the infected computer and, in some cases causing a total machine loss.

6. Slammer

This virus left South Korea without Internet for 12 hours. The Slammer took advantage of the weakness in Microsoft SQL Server to infect, making computers inoperable.

7. Blaster

It was created by the Chinese hacker group called Xfocus in 2003 in order to attack Microsoft Windows systems. Wherever it went, left the following message: “Bill Gates why do you make this possible. Stop making money and fix your software !!?”

8. Sasser

Sven Jaschan created the virus in 2004. He attacked computers running Windows operating system. He became famous also for having been responsible for the cancellation of the flight of Delta Airlines, stopped Coast Guard map services of England and cut communication satellite for the France-Press news agency.

9. Nimda

Created in 2001 by an unknown, Nimda used different means to propagate. The result was a very slow Internet connection. Nimda was considered the fastest worm in history, taking only 22 minutes to be on the Internet and spread rapidly around the world. Nimda’s name comes from the word “admin”, making mention of server administrators who challenged the virus.

10. Flame

Flame, also known as Flamer, SkyWIper and Skywiper, is a virus created in 2012. The creator is unknown. It attacks computers operating with Windows and has been used for cyber espionage in the Middle East.

The virus is able to record audio, take screenshots, activate keyboard and network traffic, and you can control data transfer devices such as Bluetooth. All information collected on the computers invaded are sent to multiple servers around the world.