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17MM Phishing Scams Blocked in 2017: dfndr security Revolutionizes Protection

Learn how DFNDR Security 5.0 can safeguard your personal information from a growing cyber threat that impacts all Android users.

The PSafe team is proud to release dfndr security 5.0 with enhanced anti-phishing detection. Armed with anti-hacking technology, it’s the only app in the market with the ability to detect malicious links before you even click on them. Experience the immense benefits of this latest release by downloading the app here:

Once downloaded, it’s easy to turn on the anti-hacking feature. Go to the Security Manager settings, tap to activate, and follow the prompts to ensure your Android is ready to block phishing attempts.

Why Phishing Attacks are Becoming a Bigger Threat
The number of phishing attacks is on the rise. In 2017, our team at dfndr lab detected and blocked 17 million malicious URLs in the U.S., that is 8.5 times more than malware attempts. The data concluded that our users faced more phishing attacks on an aggressive scale as the year progressed when in the past malware was a larger concern. This disturbing growth of phishing attacks is predicted to continue.

“More and more phishing attacks are affecting mobile phone users,” said Marco DeMello, CEO, PSafe. “Your mother, your brother, or your neighbor, anyone could be a victim. Hackers are creating increasingly sophisticated phishing scams that fool even the most tech-savvy consumers. We stay on the pulse of potential threats, by using advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide peace of mind to users, so they can connect and share online without worry.”

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Phishing scams go beyond just email and include popular chat and messaging services such as SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Sophisticated ad promotions, such as e-coupons, giveaways, online donation drives, and contests, have been used by hackers to fool consumers into giving up their personal information. Just this year, we reported on phishing attacks that attempted to undermine well-known brands Wells Fargo and McDonald’s.

Fake pop-up ad from Wells Fargo asking users for personal information.
Wells Fargo – fake pop-up ad asking for users personal information.
Phoney e-coupon from McDonald's enticing users with a $50 gift certificate.
McDonald’s – phony e-coupon offering a $50 gift certificate.

Whether you choose the free version or the paid version at $4.99 per year with no ads— dfndr security 5.0 is the right choice for defense when it comes to Android security.