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The 3 Best Stock Market Apps for Android

If you want to keep up with the stock market, track your stocks, or even create an investment portfolio, these stock market apps are perfect for you.

Who doesn’t like to download new apps? As exciting as this can be, trendy apps that you no longer use can quickly add up on your device, taking up needless space. To make room for some of the following stock market apps, use the app manager feature to quickly remove unwanted apps all on one screen now:

app manager lets you quickly find unwanted apps and uninstall them. You will simply view a full list of unwanted apps, and the feature will let you remove the ones you don’t want with a single click.

Stock market apps can be extremely helpful for keeping up-to-date tabs on changing market trends. Sadly, there’s not one stock market app that does it all, so if you truly want to keep tabs on the stock market, you will need to download more than one.

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  1. Stock Quote

This is a great app for keeping up with the stock market because it provides you with updates on quotes, news, currencies, and futures. Stock Quote also has data on stocks from over 15 different countries’ markets. You can also use Stock Quote to track the shares and costs of your portfolio, and it has a great alert on stock prices. The app also provides breaking news on each stock, from social sites to market and business news via Youtube videos.

  1. Portfolio Watcher

This is the app for you if you want to manage and monitor your portfolios. Portfolio Watcher makes it extremely easy to import your portfolios from Yahoo Finance or Google Finance. You can even create a local portfolio from your Android Phone. Portfolio Watcher also has a currency calculator so you can easily convert between 153 different currencies. This is a great free-to-download app with a clean and simple interface that makes it enjoyable to use.

  1. Webull

With Webull, you can quickly and painlessly create widgets of stocks so that you can always be in-the-know about the price movements of — and get quick access to — your favorite stocks and portfolios. You can also set your own alerts so that you’re always informed of real-time price movements of your stocks. Webull also has the daily floating P/L chart with complete historical data to make your decision-making easier. Another aspect of Webull is that you can enjoy millisecond-latency quotes of advanced quotes for stock exchanges like US stocks, Toronto Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Euronext Stocks, and more.