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3 Places PSafe Total Can Free up Your Phone's Memory

3 Places PSafe Total Can Free up Your Phone’s Memory

If your phone is short on memory, here are a few places you can look to create more space

Memory is a limited resource for smart phones. Even if your Android has expandable memory, you’ll still have to deal with memory limitations at some point or another. These limitations can affect the performance of your phone, and make it run slower than you’d like. Here are a few places where you can free up your phone’s memory:

1. Cache

A cache stores data to inform future requests — think auto-fill. The beauty of cached data is that it can make your life a little easier by retrieving information from the cache to fulfill your requests more quickly. It also doesn’t hurt that it already knows what you’re looking for, so you don’t have to type it out. The downside however, is that your cache is always growing, and can take up a great deal of space. If your memory fills up, it can impact how well your phone runs.

2. Duplicate images

While on the hunt for the perfect selfie or landscape shot, you’ve likely taken a lot of pictures that won’t make the cut. Especially if you’ve been using the continuous shot function, you can have 15 or more duplicates of a balloon floating across the park, because you haven’t gotten around to deleting the ones that didn’t end up on Instagram. Old videos and images can take up more space than you’d expect, so it never hurts to do a little spring cleaning every now and then.

3. Old files from WhatsApp

Whether it’s the sound of your best friend cackling, or a response they didn’t feel like typing out, your phone is holding on to all of these audio files. Although some may carry sentimental value, they generally go unplayed after the initial conversation, and sit in your phone’s memory. Like a box of old stuff you love, but won’t really use again, you’ve got to clear it out.

The PSafe Total Solution

PSafe Total has a few quick fixes for these memory-hungry spaces. The Quick Cleanup function deletes junk like cache and temporary files. The Clean Duplicate Photos function rounds up your duplicates so it’s easier to view and select the ones you no longer want. WhatsApp CleanUp lets you choose a specific time frame from which you can delete old photos, videos, and audio files.   With this wide range of features, be sure to make the most of your phone’s memory with PSafe Total, and keep your Android running smoothly.