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3 Tips That Help if Your Phone is Slow

Give your mobile device new life with dfndr performance.

Our mobile devices have become an essential part of our daily lives. If you are like most people, your phone is loaded with apps containing lots of videos, pictures, and audio shared with friends and family as well as all of your contact information, important reminders, banking information, and other critical data.

As you use your phone and add more apps over time, the hours of daily use seems to take its toll, you may begin to experience slower processing speeds, and your phone takes longer to connect to websites. Many users assume that their phone starts slowing down significantly as a result of old age and when that happens that it’s time for an upgrade.

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However, new phones are costly, and not everyone can afford to buy a brand new phone every year. An option to buy a new phone may not be feasible. You could be wondering, “How can I speed up my phone, as it is?”  

If your phone feels tired and laggy and you aren’t quite ready to splurge on the latest model, don’t despair. dfndr performance is a phone cleaner app that is packed with features to get your old phone running like brand new again and keep it optimized.

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An efficient phone is a happy one

Junk Files
One of the main reasons your phone slows down is the processor becomes cluttered with junk files. The Quick Cleaner feature clears your phone’s cache (temporary files) with a single click. Running the Quick Cleaner tool on a regular basis helps keep your phone at its fastest, and you can even schedule reminders so you won’t forget to use it.

Save Phone Life
Power Saver helps extend battery life by optimizing your phone’s memory. Regularly using the Power Saver feature can help you get the most out of your battery between charges. It automatically closes power draining apps that are running in the background. The Power Saver function allows you to choose apps that you want to keep open after each cleaning.

Internet “Dial-Up” Déjà Vu
One of the biggest headaches for many mobile device users is slow internet speeds. If your phone seems to take forever to connect to the internet and load websites, Internet Accelerator will improve your slow connection. Internet Accelerator boosts your connection speed by closing apps that are competing for bandwidth.

dfndr performance is packed with features and free to use.  By regularly using tools such as Quick Cleaner, Power Saver and Internet Accelerator, you can add years of life to your smartphone and keep it running as well as the day you took it out of the box.