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3 Tips to Make Your WiFi Speed Up

Improve your Android’s connection with a few simple tips.

If you’re like most people, you use WiFi when you’re on your Android smartphone instead of using your service provider’s network whenever possible. Data can be costly, particularly if you have a plan that limits the amount you can use each month, or you have to pay for data as you go. The downside is WiFi can often be sluggish and undependable. Discover a few simple tips to boost your WiFi speed so you can limit how much bandwidth you use from your service provider’s network.

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Tear Down That Wall
When connecting to your WiFi Hotspot or home network, you want to make sure you are as close to the source of the signal as you can be. Obviously, the further you are from the source of your router, the weaker the signal will be which will slow performance. Walls and other barriers also diminish your connection and can slow your smartphone down while online. Try to set your network router and modem up in an area that you are most often in when online – usually high up and unobstructed is best.

Cocoon Your WiFi
You also want to protect your hotspot and home network so other users can’t jump on your connection and bog it down. After all, the more devices that are connected, the slower your WiFi will be. It’s important to password protect your connection and set up a firewall to prevent unauthorized use.  

How to Boost Your Signal
When you’re on the go and using public WiFi, you have less control over the connection, but there are still options to speed up your phone. dfndr security offers several features to help keep your phone running at top speeds on the internet. Besides protecting your phone from malicious links and other cyber threats with award-winning virus protection, it also offers tools to maximize your WiFi connection for optimal performance.

The WiFi checker
can help test the connection speed of any available WiFi to help you troubleshoot whether you are dealing with a weak signal or if other issues are slowing you down. If multiple WiFi connections are available, you can use this feature to determine which connection is the fastest. If you find the signal is strong but your device is still lagging, you can use the Internet Accelerator feature to help close the apps that are running in the background and competing for bandwidth.