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4 Money Management Apps for Android

4 Money Management Apps for Android

Is money a bit tight lately? Take advantage of these money management apps so your wallet is ready for the summer sun

It’s easy to spend more than you should when the weather is perfect, and there’s so much to do. But, all those little purchases can really add up! Look to these money management Android apps to better budget your money, track your expenses, and kiss those draining impulse purchases goodbye.

Money Managing Android Apps

1. Mint

From the makers of TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint Bills, and Quicken comes this nifty, free app, perfect for tracking all your daily expenses. Put all of your accounts into Mint so you can see exactly where your money is going. Set a budget and receive tips for how to save a few more bucks.

2. Monefy

Try the free version of Monefy to help you better track your expenses. A handy pie chart lets you see how much of your money is going to food, entertainment, dining, clothing, sports, and other purchases. Instantly view your balance. Quickly add in new expenses as they happen, adding in the category, and a note, if needed. Synchronize with Dropbox, add a lockscreen widget, and enjoy an ad-free way to track your cash.

3. Money Lover

If you’ve been relying on a pen and paper to keep track of your household expenses, this app may make you a digital convert. Type in your expense and the category, and the app handles the rest. If the default categories don’t cut it, it’s simple to make your own. Set budgets, and receive notices if you are getting too close to blowing your budget. Activate bill reminders so you never forget a payment, and can avoid those pesky late fees.

4. Money Manager

This app claims to be the #1 financial planning app, great for organizing your business or personal expenses, generating spending reports and managing your assets. Weekly, and monthly budgets help track your spending year-round. A monthly calendar display illustrates when you’ve spent the most. Save receipts, filter out transactions, and take advantage of the colorful, simple charts that show precisely where your money is going.

Money Management Made Simple

Budgeting isn’t easy, but these financial management apps for Android are here to help. Want to take things a step further? Clean up your Android phone with PSafe TOTAL. Delete useless files, and utilize the app’s antivirus and malware protection to keep your financial and personal information safe. This way, your phone will be working as well as your budgeting prowess!

Make sure to let us know what you think of these money management apps in the comments below!