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4 New Android Apps to Enjoy This June

4 New Android Apps to Enjoy This June

Do you keep up-to-date with the latest apps? Read on, and see which apps are gaining in popularity this month

If you’ve been looking for some new, standout apps for your Android phone, you are in the right place. You can get more done, have a little fun, and keep track of your fitness goals with the apps we are using (and loving) this month:

1. Giphy

Once available as an extension for messenger, Giphy lets you access all the GIFs, all the time. Are your texts or updates in need of some flare? Jazz it up with a GIF. Browse through the world’s largest library of GIFs, upload them to your favorite social networks, and save others for later in your own GIF collection.

2. quickReply

If you enjoy WhatsApp, you may want to take a look at quickReply. Instead of clicking on an app, waiting for it to load, and then replying, you can instantly respond to a message directly from your lockscreen. It uses Android’s notification monitoring service, but instead of redirecting with a click, it provides the option to “Reply” or “Direct.” With “Reply,” you can type in a response, while “Direct” enables you to send a pre-typed response of your choosing.

3. Eat This Much

Plug your dieting goals into the Eat This Much app, and include the foods you especially like. Once you add in your budget and schedule, the app will reveal a complete meal plan that fits your needs. You can learn about maintenance and muscle-building, and search different diets, like Paleo and Mediterranean. This app helps no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

4. Spaces

Don’t let the thought of a new Google product drive you away. Spaces is all about small group sharing. This app lets you create a space for your friends, family, and whoever else you invite to discuss any topic of your choosing. You can invite people via your social networks, and use the built-in Chrome and YouTube features to easily share hilarious cat videos, or links to new tech gadgets. Either way, you will have made a space for you and other like-minded people.

Swinging in Spring

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