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4 reasons your privacy is in the crosshairs of hackers

4 reasons your privacy is in the crosshairs of hackers

Four reasons your privacy is in the crosshairs of hackers and the secret that no one tells you about how to circumvent this threat and ensure privacy on your Android.

According to the United States Attorneys, Cybercrime is one of the greatest threats facing our country, and has enormous implications for our national security, economic prosperity, and public safety. We are an easy target for those who want to compromise the privacy of others online. Four impressive pieces of data will prove that protection is critical.

1. At least 2 million mobile phones are stolen every year in The United States. 

This figure is staggering and should serve as a warning. These small devices are very much desired, as phones are among the biggest darlings within the illegal market.

This striking statistic does not include those device owners who did not file a police report, so it is believed that the statistic may be much higher. Phones hold a wealth of digital content including photos, messages, and personal data for the victims.

2. Cybercrime: Over 50% of people have been direct victims
of cyber crime.

As popular as cell phones are, with a count of more than 203 million in the country, are these offences related to them?To get an idea, 5 out of 10 Americans were direct victims or know someone who has suffered from this problem, which involves the stealing of information and the ransom demand for payment.

In these cases, there wasn’t an app with advanced protection which ran the serious risk of leaked data if not agreed to pay the ransom or undergo other types of blackmail.

3. The theft of personal data represents 15 million cases

It’s scary, but true: personal data and identity theft happens daily. Thousands of people every year face situations such as leaked photos, private messages and sensitive information being compromised. In addition to trauma, these situations can turn into a huge headache.

4. Attackers have roughly 200 days before being discovered in the US.

Most cybercriminals aren’t discovered for a while. That’s why it’s super important to take preventative measures seriously and understand that although we may not see a threat that does not mean that it is not there.

Yes, who is in charge of your privacy is you

The data does not lie. The more we use the technology without worrying about the security of our information, we become more vulnerable to the action of bandits and virtual gangs. The good thing is, PSafe was designed to secure prevention before having to aid following an attack. Follow our tips:

Start by enabling Applock and Anti-Theft on PSafe Total. With this, you increase the barriers of your Android and can resume smartphone control even from a distance, in addition to having an extra password that bars access to your favorite apps even when your screen is unlocked.

Then you should activate Advanced Protection. It enhances the performance of Psafe and Anti-Theft and makes it even more difficult for the bad guy to steal or leak your data.
If you do not have PSafe Total protection, enjoy it now by downloading the app on Google Play.