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4 Smartphone Myths: Debunked

4 Smartphone Myths: Debunked

Have you bought into any smartphone myths? It’s time to separate fact from fiction.

When it comes to your smartphone, you’ve likely heard a wide range of ideas on how to keep it running smoothly. Installing PSafe products are a solid first step to helping your smartphone operate at its fullest potential. The following tips will help you banish many common smartphone myths while ensuring you don’t waste time and energy on outdated information.

1. Let Your Battery Hit “Zero” Before Charging

Technology has changed plenty since the days of the first smartphones. While it was true that the old NiCAD and NiMH batteries did benefit from a power drain before a recharge, today’s batteries run better when powered up. In fact, constantly draining the battery to zero can hurt your phone’s performance! However, you may want to let the battery die completely once every few months to keep the readings on your display up­to­date.

2. BlueTooth/Wi­Fi Direct Will Drain Your Battery

Have you been unchecking the Wi­Fi Direct or Bluetooth option on your phone to conserve battery? You can stop with this time waster. The newer versions of Bluetooth and Wi­Fi Direct won’t devour your battery unless you are actively using them. Of course, once you start listening to music and transferring files, all bets are off.

3. Charging Your Battery Overnight is Bad for Your Phon

We’ve all heard the myth: if you charge your battery overnight, every night, you are going to damage it. This may have been true once, but today’s technology has advanced so much that your phone will stop pulling the charge as soon as it’s battery is full. The only risk you run of charging a battery overnight is overheating the phone. Pay attention to where you set yourphone, and take it out of its case to help it keep cool.

4. Never Charge Your Phone with a Cord Other Than the Original

This is another popular smartphone myth, but it comes with a small caveat. Yes, it’s okay to charge your cellphone with a different power cord, but using a third­party power cord, especially an inexpensive knock­off, can be dangerous. Why? Some accessory manufacturers are careful when it comes to matching their product to the specs of your charger, while others, particularly those ultra­cheap brands, don’t bother. This could mean bad news for your phone, the battery, and your safety.

The Real Deal

Keep your phone running its best with PSafe’s Memory Booster, Internet Booster, and Antivirus software. From security to mobile performance, Android users have never had it better, or more worry­free. Make sure to find the PSafe product that’s right for you, and let us know which smartphone myths you’ve debunked in the comments!