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4 Ways to Get Your Phone Up to Speed

4 Ways to Get Your Phone Up to Speed

If you need your phone to keep up with your busy lifestyle, these tips can help

The pressures of a heavy workload can affect the performance of any Android phone. So, before you start cursing your phone for being too slow, here are a few reasons why your Android may not be working as fast as it should, and four easy ways to get it back up to speed.

1. Remove Some Photos

We all love to take photos with our smartphones, whether they’re of family, friends, or attractive treats. But, with each new day, these photos will pile up, and use a lot of space on your phone. The more photos and videos your phone holds, the more its system will slow down. For a quick fix, use PSafe Total’s Memory Booster. It can help optimize your data usage by suggesting better ways to use storage space, and can consequently speed up your device.

2. Shut Down Apps

There are a lot of great apps out there, and it can be tempting to download all of them. But, if you’re someone who likes to leave multiple apps open so you can flick from one to the other, you may be killing your phone’s speed in the process. Use PSafe’s Internet Booster function to close down the apps that are running in the background, and slowing down your device as a result.

3. Minimize Heat

As your device frantically works to keep up with your daily demands, it may start to overheat. While your Android will still work under these conditions, it will slow down significantly. Luckily, there is a solution that doesn’t involve uninstalling your favorite apps. PSafe’s CPU Cooler is a surefire way to eliminate frustrating lag time, and keep your device performing at optimal levels.

4. Watch out for Viruses

As you may already know, your Android device is susceptible to picking up viruses. These viruses could come from a new app you’ve installed, or an innocent download you made from an external source. Regardless of how the virus got there, getting rid of it as quickly as possible is all that matters. The PSafe Total Anti-virus feature will detect, and fix any security breaches you may have. It can quickly scan all of your phone’s files, as well as your SD card, to resolve any malware issues. If you want to stay protected 24/7, this app has got you covered.

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So, before you make the costly decision to trade in your Android phone for a faster model, download the free PSafe Total app to get your device running like new.