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5 Apps for the U.S. Presidential Election

4 Apps for Keeping up With the U.S. Presidential Election

No matter who you want to be the next POTUS, here are a few Android apps to get you through the campaign season

Now that the field has been narrowed way down in terms of who might be voted into the White House this fall, here are some well-produced (and in some cases, downright hilarious) apps from, and about the leading candidates:

1. Hillary Clinton 2016

This is the official Hillary Clinton app for supporters (or detractors) who want to keep up with all things Hillary as the election approaches. It lets you view all of Hillary’s online and social media presences—her website, Facebook, and Twitter—so you can stay up-to-date when it comes to her announcements, and her occasional (though, soon to be more frequent) sparring with Donald Trump.

The app also contains links to Clinton’s latest book, a speech called “Love the Children,” and her take on women’s issues. This app has a lot of info, and it’s a safe bet plenty of journalists, and anybody interested in Hillary Clinton, are using it.

2. Hillary Runs

That’s right: Hillary Clinton’s campaign released a video game app for her younger supporters. Officially sanctioned by the campaign, this game is pretty simple. Some features include easy, tap and jump game controls; gameplay that matches the real 2016 election; and several power-ups (Hilla-copters, Super Staffers, Kissing Babies, and more)!

If you’re a Clinton supporter, there’s a bonus feature for you. The campaign has said it will donate 50% of all the game’s proceeds directly to Clinton. This way, the more users play, the more Hillary gets.

3. Trump 2016

Much like the official Clinton app, the official Donald Trump 2016 app connects you to all of candidate Trump’s online presences, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and his famously inflammatory Twitter. Unlike the Hillary 2016 app, the Trump app lets users engage with ‘The Donald’ in the form of donations, and volunteer opportunities. There’s also a community feature that lets users send photos, videos, and voice recordings that can be shared with other app users.

4. Hillaroids / Trumporoids

These games definitely weren’t sanctioned by the Clinton or Trump campaign. They’re essentially the same game: modern-day versions of the famous Asteroids arcade game with the usual objects replaced by the heads of the two opposing candidates. This way, you can blast Hillary’s head out of the sky, or do the very same to Trump’s.

Whether you’re into the campaign madness or not, these apps (the Hillaroids/Trumporoids aside) are worth checking out for anyone who wants to learn more about these candidates! If you’d rather let out some frustration, the Hillaroids or Trumporoids game is likely a better fit. Know some other helpful apps? Share them in the comments below!