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5 Best Web Browser Apps for Android

5 Best Web Browser Apps for Android

Using an old web browser? Ready to jump into the future? Check out these top browser apps, so you can speed through the web on any device

Everyone has different needs when it comes to browsing the web. Maybe you prefer one layout over another, or value speed over data hogs. Whatever “it” is, these Android apps let you surf the web with your favorite browsers, right from your mobile phone:

1. Dolphin

Full-screen mode, flash support, and plenty of customization helped get the Dolphin browser to the top of our list. Gestures make it easy to access pages you repeatedly browse, as do the voice, and sidebar functions. With an HTML5 video player, fast loading speeds, and AdBlock features, this browser is both simple and brilliant.

2. Firefox Browser

Fast and private, the Firefox web browser works like a charm with any Android smartphone. Having been out for quite a while, this browser is still a favorite, and was voted one of the Most Trusted Internet Companies for Privacy. Firefox prides itself on its user-friendly, secure browsing experience. Private browsing possesses tracking protection, so web pages that contain tracking activity are blocked. Sync across your devices, and keep your faves within easy reach.

3. Ghostery Privacy Browser

If you are tired of companies taking your browsing data, check out this full-featured browser option. Setup is a no-brainer, as the app lets you import your bookmarks from other web browsers with ease. If you thought browsers had to be sluggish and slow, give Ghostery a try, and change your mind.

4. Google Chrome Browser

On your laptop, you already know the Chrome browser is fast and sleek. Well, the same can be said for the Android. The Chrome browser works on your phone the same way it works on your computer. In addition, this app promises to save up to 50% of your data! Display a bunch of tabs all at once, or browse privately in incognito mode. The choice is yours.

5. Opera Mini

Another data saver, Opera Mini is lightweight and lightning fast. Decide how you want this browser to function, whether that be in high data savings mode or extreme savings mode. At a glance, you can view and assess how much data you are saving by using this browser. Go incognito with your web surfing, or customize your start page. You’ll love the range of options this browser provides.

An Improved Browsing Experience

Don’t waste time on the dull, slow browsers of the past. Protect your privacy, and get more done, by using one of these Android browser apps. To boost your web security, install PSafe TOTAL. With its advanced protection against antiviruses and malware, you can safely browse the web without a hitch!