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5 Social Media Apps We Can’t Live Without

5 Social Media Apps We Can’t Live Without

With so many social media platforms out there, do you know them all? Here are 5 social media apps that are taking the world by storm

Whether you live and breathe social media, or you are diving in for the first time, these social media apps for Android are the best way to stay connected with friends and family. With these apps, you can share your world with those closest to you, or even perfect strangers:

1. Facebook

If you haven’t been on Facebook for Android, you’re missing out. Facebook possesses a clean, secure interface that makes it easy to keep up with all your social connections. Are you out and about? You can upload an image to your Facebook wall, and share it with your pals any time. If you’re looking for more, you can even install Facebook Messenger as a separate, stand-alone app that many prefer over texting.

2. Twitter

Keep your news short and sweet. Twitter has a strict character limit, but that’s honestly just part of its charm. You can still share photos, and let other users know what you think about their postings. If you are just entering the Twitterverse, use the search bar to find your favorite topics, and follow the people sharing them.

3. Instagram

Love your Android’s camera capabilities? Then you should show off your photography skills with Instagram. This app has filters that can help you make the most of each shot. Upload your images with hashtags, so other users who share your interests can find you, and like your work! Like other people’s photos, and find inspiration in the everyday.

4. Pinterest

It’s all about images. Pinterest is a haven for those who love DIY projects. Home decor, fashion, cooking, and fitness are just a few of the popular categories found on users’ Pinterest boards. These boards organize like items found around the Internet for easy reference. If there’s something you want to hold onto, or you’re just looking to ignite your creativity, this app is it. Get ready to start pinning away!

5. Snapchat

Who knew there would be room for another image app? The appeal of Snapchat is this: no matter what image you send, it will only be available for a number of seconds. After that, it is deleted, and gone forever! Users love to play around with photos, writing or drawing on them via the Snapchat interface, before sharing them with friends. You can even add emojis, or location stamps to your images and selfies. This app is silly, fun, and lets you keep track of your friends’ lives with the Snapchat story feature.

Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Now that you know where to begin, you can quickly and easily keep in touch with friends and family by using these social media apps on your Android phone. Have a favorite? Share it in the comments below!