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5 tips to gain more followers on Snapchat

5 Tips to Gain More Followers on Snapchat

The Flash video application has several features for you to enjoy and gain followers

The era of changing likes and then back over. Now Snapchat is the social network that’s in and leaving a digital addicted world to share videos and snapshots by phone. But as with any other application, its very much worth the creativity. Therefore, we separated some tips for you to supercharge your listing, perfect your content, use all resources and gain several followers.

1.  Do not be ashamed to speak

There’s only 10 seconds to interact with people and look good for the camera. Do not forget to be creative; daily life is already boring enough. People want to have fun on social networks.

2. Abuse filters

Before recording a video or taking a picture, activate the front camera, click on your face so that the app identifies you and select a filter. You can play around with these until you get it right. There are options such as making yourself a policeman, unicorn and even a zombie. Have fun with it and get a good laugh from your followers.

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3. Follow your friends

Open the app and click the ghost icon above the screen. After that, tap “add the address book.” This way, they will know that you already have a profile too.

4. Use your resources only

The translucent ink is something only available on Android. Tap the brush and press the color grid until a new palette extends. Take the opportunity to use filters of places where you are as neighborhood, city, state or country. Shoot and then swipe your finger to the right.

5. Share your posts on other networks

If you have a Twitter or Instagram you can tell your friends that you now have a snap. Advertising is the soul of business.