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5 Ways to Deal With a Cracked Android Screen

5 Ways to Deal With a Cracked Android Screen

You’ve dropped your phone, and your screen is cracked. What do you do now?

It’s a pretty safe bet that at one time or another, you’ve managed to drop your phone. Maybe it fell out of your pocket, or fell off the bar. Maybe you went for that snooze button a little too aggressively one morning. But, however it happened, your Android screen is cracked, and getting worse the more you carry it around. What are you going to do?

1. Use the warranty

Many providers recommend you get insurance or an extended warranty for your phone, in case it’s ever damaged or on its last legs. However, these warranties can be costly, and in the case of phone makers like Samsung and HTC, they may not cover accidental breakage. But if you’re lucky enough—or have enough foresight—to buy phone insurance that covers these issues, your repair will be covered, no worries.

2. Call the manufacturer

So, if you don’t have insurance, the phone is out of warranty, or the warranty doesn’t cover accidental breakage, it’s best to give your Android’s manufacturer a call, and find out how much it’ll take to replace your cracked screen. In most cases, this will cost you much more than the warranty would have covered. But, some users choose to bite the bullet, and pay this full price.

3. Visit a repair shop

There are smartphone repair shops popping up all over the country, attempting to corner the market on broken screens. These folks will fix your phone for a cheaper price than your manufacturer, but be forewarned: working with an outside shop to fix your screen will almost certainly void your warranty, and you’d best have your device password-protected, lest a stranger gets his hands on your sensitive information while repairing your phone!

4. DIY

You could always fix your phone’s screen yourself. There are numerous sites that’ll tell you how to do it—where to order the glass and tools, where to find step-by-step instructions, etc. Even YouTube has plenty of videos on how to repair a cracked Android screen. However, we’d only recommend this method for the gearheads among us. Fixing your broken screen can be a risky operation, and unless you really know what you’re doing, you chance ruining your phone altogether.

5. Add tape

This is merely a stop-gap measure until you get a new screen! Visit your nearest electronics store, buy a screen protector, and stick it on your cracked screen. A cheaper method? Use packing tape. This should hold you over until you decide what you’re going to do with your phone.

Protection Where It Counts

A cracked screen is a major dilemma for anyone, but there’s only so much you can do to prevent this mishap. Purchase a protective cover for your phone, and if not, hope for the best! If you want to protect your phone from more than concrete floors, be sure to install PSafe TOTAL. With this app, you can protect your phone from other lurking dangers—lost memory, viruses, cybercriminals, and more