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5 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

Today is Safer Internet Day. Learn ways to keep your family protected.

February 5 is Safer Internet Day (SID), an international effort to promote internet safety with a strong focus on protecting children and teens online. Find out what you can do to help protect your personal information and family while using the internet.

Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity to discuss online safety with your children and teens. The internet has become a regular part of everyone’s life, including today’s youth. Keep these points in mind:

1) It’s important to remind younger users to be careful about who they interact with online and not to accept friend requests, instant messages or texts from strangers. Discuss the dangers of meeting people in person they’ve talked to online.

2) Help your children to understand that predators often pose as children or teens themselves and learn about their victims through social media and conversations on instant messenger services like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. It’s also essential to talk about online bullying and its consequences and what to do if it is encountered.

3) Supervise the internet usage of your children and set boundaries. It’s a good idea to limit the daily amount of time children spend online to help develop good habits early. You should check privacy settings on all social media accounts and be cautious of allowing minors to share personal details about themselves like their address, home town, and the school they attend or other information that predators can use to learn their whereabouts.

4) Using an antivirus app such as dfndr security helps ensure that devices don’t become infected with spyware and other viruses. Additionally, features such as Anti-Hacking can proactively protect against links that are infected with phishing malware that can compromise the security of email, social media accounts and other apps containing sensitive information.

5) Using a VPN, or virtual private network can protect your children from being tracked by predators by masking their IP address and physical location. A VPN can also help protect against hackers since they are unable to see their online activities.

For additional tips and resources to keep your family safe online, visit the official Safer Internet Day website at: