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540 Million Facebook Records Exposed on Third-Party Servers

Find out about the newest leak and what you can do to protect your data.

Two third-party companies that collect data for the social media giant, Facebook have been compromised. The two Amazon servers (AWS) stored over 540 million user records and it’s been reported by ZDNet that millions upon millions of records were exposed containing Facebook user IDs, lists of Facebook friends, likes, photos, groups, checkins, user preferences, data metrics to measure social media feeds and reactions, and 22,000 passwords.

Though Facebook has one of the best teams of security experts, the safety of user data is a growing issue because third-party developers and no-name companies who collect user data for the company are more vulnerable to hacking attempts and have been experiencing a higher number of cyberattacks over the years.

This means that your personal data is equally as vulnerable and liable to be leaked onto the dark web and sold to cybercriminals for various schemes like phishing scams, social engineering attacks, or identity theft.  

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