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6 Android Photography Tips

6 Android Photography Tips

With an Android phone, you don’t need a professional camera to take eye-catching photos

Once upon a time, we had to take our film to the store, and wait a week to see the results. Now, all it takes is the click of a button. Since it is so easy to take pictures with your smartphone, why not have them look as professional as possible? These tips will ensure the best results:

1. Avoid Flash

It’s not a good look on a digital camera, and it doesn’t get any better on your smartphone. The lens and flash are usually so close together, it creates an unsightly glare. Skip the flash and stick with natural lighting for the best results.

2. Keep the Lens Clean

On a smartphone, it’s nearly impossible to keep your fingers away from the lens. The result is a grimy surface that will likely produce blurry, unfocused images. Before taking your next shot, wipe off the lens with a cloth.

3. Install PSafe TOTAL

This app will keep your personal photos safe from prying eyes. The next time a friend grabs your phone and starts looking for the photo album, don’t panic. Head to “Tools,” and go to your “Privacy” tab. Then click, “Private Gallery.” Create a password for the desired albums, and never worry about prying eyes again.

4. Add Filters

Filters are not only fun to use, but they can also add unique elements to your images. You can make the colors bold and loud, or muted and quiet. You can even turn your image into a vintage, black and white photograph. Play around with various filter options and see what you like. Your phone will come with a nice selection, but there are many photo-sharing apps that include even more.

5. The Rule of Thirds

For the best photo composition, stick with this simple photography tip: the rule of thirds. Most Android smartphones possess grid lines for photo-taking. Activate this feature and make sure your image’s subject falls within 1/3 of the grid lines.

6. Tap the Screen

Before you take your next pic, tap the screen to focus on your subject first. If you don’t, your phone will still focus, but it may not choose the object or person you intended.

Better Pictures in a Snap

With these tips, you’ll be taking better photos in no time. Worried about storage space? With PSafe’s Memory Booster, you can optimize data and gain the storage you need for countless photo albums. If you’re looking for more advantages, check out PSafe’s other products today.