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6 Best Apps for Successful Selfies

6 Best Apps for Successful Selfies

Check out these apps and take your selfie game to the next level

Selfies have taken the world by storm, but it can take several tries to get them just right. Here are a few useful apps that can help take the guesswork out of creating the perfect selfie:

1. B612 Selfie from the Heart

Take a pic or film a short video. The choice is yours with this fun, feature-filled app. Click the random filter button to save time cycling through all the options yourself. This app also remembers which filters you use the most, and will select these favorites for you.

2. CandyCamera

The wide range of  filters this app provides works for all skin tones and complexions. It also boasts a real-time filter that lets you see how your selection will change the pic instantly. Add stickers or make a collage. You’ll have plenty of options

3. FotoRus – Photo Editor Pro

It’s a collage maker and a photo editor, all in one. There are over 100 layout options to pick from. Use new makeup techniques to perk up a tired face. Try the special effects, or put in a frame for added fun.

4. Mirror Image

Get that mirror image look in your selfie photos. This Android app lets you choose from a slew of mirror images that include left-right, up-down, repeating, and even reflection-style mirror effects.

5. Retrica

This selfie app is ranked the #1 photography app in sixty-five countries for a reason. It’s all about the filters. Retrica provides more than 100 real-time filters, and over twenty layouts to choose from. Add a vignette, a stamp, or make a collage. Use the timer option so you can break out the selfie stick, as well.

6. YouCam Perfect

Smooth out skin, and banish any wrinkles or acne in an instant. Real-time filters take the guesswork out of a choosing a filter. Play with the reshaper tool, and tweak your features in whatever way you see fit.

Successful Selfies

Unflattering selfies will be a thing of the past with these great Android apps. Tie in PSafe TOTAL for added security, and more room for your albums to grow. Have a favorite selfie app already? Share it in the comments below!