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6 Etiquette Tips for New Smartphone Users

6 Etiquette Tips for New Smartphone Users

A few etiquette tips can help you use your phone while respecting those around you.

With a new Android smartphone in hand, you may want to show it off every once in awhile. That’s understandable. But, knowing a few etiquette tips may help you use your smartphone in a way that helps both you, and your surroundings.

1. Use the “Do Not Disturb” Feature

Whenever you need your phone to be quiet, don’t just silence the ring. Instead, use the “Do Not Disturb” feature. When you are at the library or the movie theater, no one will have to hear the sound of your phone vibrating. To be extra careful, turn your phone off completely when at the theater, so you can both resist temptation, and avoid upsetting anyone with the smartphone’s glare.

2. Texting and “Fill-in-the-Blank”

Just because you can text whenever, wherever, doesn’t mean you should. Texting while you are paying for your groceries, being helped at the store, or hanging out with friends, isn’t very polite. Texting while driving, biking, or even walking is dangerous, and can put both your life, and the lives of other, in danger. Make sure to put the phone away, and focus on the task at hand.

3. Ask Permission

Want to snap that? Before posting a photo of a stranger on your social network, make sure to ask if it’s okay. Think twice about the photos you post of children, too. What you may find cute now could become a source of embarrassment later (especially if it happens to go viral!).

4. Constant Documentation

Recording concerts? Snapping photos of your lunch? Taking a selfie while visiting an old friend? If you’re someone who’s constantly taking and posting images, don’t forget to fully savor the moment every once in awhile.

5. Loud Conversations

We’ve all been there. Someone calls, and you have to answer while out shopping or eating out. The polite thing to do is excuse yourself, or quickly tell the person you will return their call later. You can also send a brief message, like “I’m busy,” or “I’ll call soon,” to keep them in the loop.

6. Be in the Moment

Following these etiquette tips 24/7 may not be easy, or always possible, but when it comes to 24/7 phone security, PSafe has you covered. PSafe will protect your Android smartphone from viruses and malicious attacks, so you can focus on enjoying life to the fullest. Have a phone etiquette pet peeve? Share it in the comments below.