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Six tips to get rid of Google Play Store errors

6 Tips to Get Rid of Google Play Store Errors

Here are some tips to solve your problems with downloading applications from Google Play

Android still has flaws and Google Play does not escape this problem. Often, when you start a download, the system hangs, doesn’t complete the installation or the application comes with errors. So in order for you to continue downloading from Google Play without complication follow these steps:

1. Clean the phone memory

Enter the general settings of the device by clicking on “Settings”, select the “Applications” option or “Application Manager” and go to the category “All”. Then look for the Google Play Store app and click “Clear Cache.” If that does not work, try the “Clear Data” option. But this button means you will lose all Google Play settings.

Try other alternatives such as WhatsApp Cleaning from PSafe Total and other forms of memory freeing abilities that the app offers. Because the application is easy to use, you can get faster results.

2. Try to log in again

Some errors can be solved with the simple act of leaving the account and entering login and password. Try it and if it does not skip to the next step.

3. Uninstall and reinstall the app you downloaded

Have you ever thought that the error may be in the application? So if given a problem, try downloading the app again. The problem may be the version you used on your phone. A reinstall can update and fix everything quickly.

4. Check your Internet connection

Downloading apps on a bad network can be a cause of problems. Check if the internet is working well. The fluctuation in the connection may cause some problems.

5. Reboot your phone into recovery mode

By clicking the “Power” button, “Home” and “Volume” – if you have a Samsung device – or “Power” and “Volume” to other devices. After restart, use the volume buttons to navigate the menu and the “Power” to select “Clear cache partition” This does not affect anything of your personal files, just delete all the cache you have on your device. From there just follow the normal procedure and return to Google Play to download your apps.