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6 Top Music Streaming Services for Android

6 Top Music Streaming Services for Android

Give the most boring activities their own personal soundtrack with these top music streaming apps from Android

We’re living in an age where we can now listen to music anytime, anywhere. Doesn’t it make sense to download the apps that make it possible? These Android apps make getting and sharing your favorite songs easy. Stream whatever you want. Whether you’re at the gym, or mowing the lawn, these music streaming apps can help you do it all:

1. Spotify

Stream music from searchable, popular artists. Skip the songs you don’t like, whenever the mood strikes. Make multiple playlists to match your mood, and even make a few for your friends and family. Choose “Shuffle” mode to mix things up, and go premium to avoid the ads.

2. Rhapsody Music Player

Discover the songs and artists you love. Listen online or off. Tweet your favorites, find your Facebook friends, and share your playlists so they can easily discover new music, or remember old favorites with you. There are never any ad interruptions so you can jam all day long.

3. SoundCloud

Find new and trending music with ease. Hear your favorites from different genres, like hip hop, classical, jazz, country, and more. You can even discover artists from other countries! Play, pause, or skip songs without having to access the app. With SoundCloud, you can do it all from your Android’s lockscreen.

4. Pandora

Open the Pandora app, and insert the name of your favorite musical artist. Pandora will create a station based on your artist of choice. Then, you can thumbs down any songs that don’t match your taste. If you love a song, tell Pandora you want to hear more just like it with a thumbs up. With these options, you can customize your station till it perfectly suits you.

5. iHeartRadio

Music and radio combine in this single Android app. AM and FM radio stations from around the US are well-represented. This app is more than music. Enjoy your favorite podcasts, from TED Talks to NPR. Get your live sports news, and hear commercial-free stations from your all-time favorite artists.

6. Google Play Music

Radio stations on Google Play Music are broken down by genre, artist, decade, mood, and more. Choose one, and play on. Upload up to 50,000 songs from your own music library, and listen in on Android, iOS, or the Web. It’s a free, ad-supported service.

Music on the Go

It doesn’t matter if you are doing yard work, laundry, or any other tedious chore. Everything’s better when you add in some music. Just make sure your tunes don’t fade out! Install PowerPRO today, so you can enjoy all the songs these apps have to offer, without worrying about a dead battery in the middle of your favorite tune.