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6 Unique Android Apps Every Phone Needs

6 Unique Android Apps Every Phone Needs

Have a problem? Chances are there’s an app for that.

There’s an incredible number of excellent Android apps available on the Google Play Store. Here, we’ve shared a few of our favorites for you to find and enjoy. We know you’ll love the variety, and the convenience, that comes with these unique Android apps:

1. Horizon

For anyone who has ever filmed a video while accidentally holding their phone vertically, this app is for you. Horizon records your video in landscape form, no matter how you hold your phone. With more than twenty­five filters to choose from, you are almost guaranteed to take a great video, every time.

2. Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock

End the snooze button bashing with this handy Android app. Instead of oversleeping yet again, you will have to get out of bed, and walk around, for this alarm to shut off. You set the number of steps required to turn off the alarm beforehand. Whatever you do, don’t give it a shake. It knows the difference and will not be happy!

3. SafeTrek

Did your car die in a less than friendly part of town? Did you make a wrong turn while taking a run, and find yourself in an uncomfortable situation? This app is perfect for those times when you just don’t feel safe. Simply hold down the SafeTrek button, and the GPS will track your movements. If you let go, the police will be notified promptly.

4. PowerPRO

Stop wasting energy, save your smartphone’s settings to match your routine, and receive helpful tips for extending the life of your battery (including which apps are draining it the most). It’s all a part of the PSafe PowerPRO app, and it can seriously improve your Android phone’s performance.

5. PSafe Total

Get advanced protection for your Android device. Whether you are browsing the web or shopping online, this app can give you the protection of antivirus software, while freeing up space on your device. This app reveals your biggest storage issues, and suggests ways to clean up. Reap the benefits of a Vault password, and utilize the antitheft features so you’ll never have to worry about your web security again.

6. Waze

Never be stuck in a traffic jam again. This community­minded app enables users to update road conditions in an instant. If there’s stopped traffic or an accident, you can receive advanced notice, quickly and easily bypassing it all with real­time updates.

Android Apps You Can Use

Get more from your Android smartphone with PSafe. From security to performance, take a look at the benefits PSafe can offer your device. Have a favorite Android app you want the world to know? Share it in the comments!