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Android N Preview: New Features Coming Soon

Android N Preview: New Features Coming Soon

Android N has a few new features that are about to seriously improve the Android experience

The second Android N preview was released last month, giving app developers the opportunity to adapt your favorite games and programs before the Android N finally rolls out this September. The new system is full of awesome features Android users can’t wait to get their hands on! Here are just a few:

Multiple Screens

Emojis of various skin tones is just the beginning. Android N also supports split screens, so you can multitask. If you’ve ever wanted to watch a video while composing an email simultaneously, this is your chance. Although the multi-screen function is nothing new for the Samsung Galaxy, it’s a long-awaited feature for other devices. The ability to use multiple screens is showcased best in the form of the Quick Reply shortcut. This feature lets you respond to texts through a small pop-up window, even from a locked screen, so you don’t have to interrupt your game of Two Dots to open the messaging app.

Google Daydream

Ready to take your gaming to the next level? Android N will feature Google Daydream, a mobile virtual reality system powered by future Anroid N devices. Daydream will work solely with new Android N phones that have special sensors and screens, and should make for a smoother virtual reality experience. The Daydream home screen will let users access virtual reality apps with a headset. Then, they can use the headset to navigate different landscapes, like a forest or ocean setting. Google has already created virtual reality versions of YouTube, the Google Play Store, and Google Photos. It has been said that even Netflix could be next!

Pressure-Sensitive Touch Features Coming Soon

Android N currently lacks the pressure-sensitive touch feature, the analog of which is the iPhone’s 3D Touch. The second preview release of Android N came with heightened expectations that the new system update would add this support, so developers could take advantage of these screens. But, sources have since confirmed that the feature will not be part of the upcoming Android N release, and is still unsupported by Google. Instead, this switch will have to wait for a later version of the operating system, and may even come as part of a maintenance update.

While the Android N preview is for developers only, and is not recommended for installation just yet (since there are still a few bugs to fix), be sure to read up on all the features Android N provides so you’re ready when the new system drops! Also be sure to let us know which features you’re looking forward to the most in the comments below!