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The Best Celebrities to Follow on Snapchat

The Best Celebrities to Follow on Snapchat

Snapchat is the hottest social media app around. Follow these celebrity Snapchat accounts to get a 10 second glimpse into the Hollywood lifestyle.

Sometimes you just want a peek into the way the other half lives. Celebrities really aren’t like us. Luckily, Snapchat, an app that lets users send videos and photos decorated with colorful cartoons, filters, or writing, allows them to let their loyal fans into their lives. Here are five of our favorite celebrity accounts to follow on Snapchat. Pay attention — and remember that Snapchats self-destruct 10 seconds after you open them.

1. John Stamos

Snapchat username: stamosofficial

What he snaps: Stamos likes to share moments from his life. But moments from his life are definitely cooler than moments from our lives: for example, he snapped an epic face swap with Bob Saget for a major Full House throwback. His behind-the-scenes snaps for his television shows are must-sees.

2. Chelsea Handler

Snapchat username: chelseahandler

What she snaps: Chelsea Handler is that rare comedian who toes the line between absurd and serious. Her Snapchat is mostly the former — she sings, even though she can’t sing, she hangs out with her famous friends, and she’s always good for a (usually ridiculous) Snapchat surprise.

3. Chris Pratt

Snapchat username: chrissprattsnap

What he snaps: The very funny Chris Pratt is reminiscent of his lovable, yet gross, character from Parks and Recreation on Snapchat, especially when he posts random hangout sessions with farm animals. He’s not all goofy, though; sometimes he posts inspirational quotes, information about his new projects, and pics with his family.

4. Michelle Obama

Snapchat username: michelleobama

What she snaps: The U.S. First Lady joined Snapchat in June 2016 and demonstrates that Snapchat doesn’t have to be used just for fun and games. The First Lady shares pictures from her international travel, as well as capturing pics designed to help her followers stay active. She also likes to share pictures from her garden.

5. Chrissy Teigen

Snapchat username: chrissyteigen

What she snaps: By now, model Chrissy Teigen is the girl-next-door of social media. She has so many followers because she’s not afraid to be real and show the messier things in life: breastfeeding, makeup-free days, fried food afternoons. She loves letting her followers know about the more mundane and silly parts of the celebrity life.

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