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The Best Superhero Games for Android

The Best Superhero Games for Android

Learn about our five indications for free game superheroes for Android

Be it Marvel or DC, everyone loves superheroes. They are on TV, Netflix, movies and also on your smartphones. With the growing popularity of superheroes on the big screen, the Android market also gave some great attention to the subject and listed various essential games for those who like the to play in these virtual reality settings. Check it!

1. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Every fan of DC knows the value that the Justice League has to the stories and publishing plots. But what if the most powerful heroes on the planet decided to rule the earth in a tyrannical manner and under the command of Superman? With a well – tied story, incredible fighting animations and high quality dubbing, Injustice: Gods Among Us is indispensable for those who like fighting games and superheroes.

2. Marvel Tournament of Champions

Now, if your favorite is Marvel and the Avengers, there’s nothing better than Marvel Tournament of Champions for fun. The fighting game has a very wide range of characters from the House of Ideas and brings an unprecedented plot that’s quite engaging. In addition, combinations of hero teams give a special touch worthy of Civil War!

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3. Spider-Man Unlimited

He also deserves a place on our list. Being one of the most beloved and funny superheroes of all, Spider-Man has a game very strongly reminiscent of his adventures in cartoons. Run for New York, face the Sinister Six and save the day with the Web Head!

4. LEGO DC Super Heroes

The DC world, by itself, is already a rich universe to be explored. But what if we mixed it with the traditional humor of LEGO games? In LEGO DC Super Heroes, you mix heroes and villains in a very fun and recommended game for all ages.

5. Mix + Smash: Marvel Mashers

Have you ever thought of mixing the features of your favorite heroes? Head of Iron Man with the body of the Hulk and the shield of Captain America? In Mix + Smash: Marvel Mashers, you can combine several superheroes in one and face the most powerful villains of the Marvel Universe!

Which of these will you download first? Is your favorite hero well represented on our list? Leave your opinion in the comments!