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Blocking calls on Android can be quick and easy

Blocking calls on Android can be quick and easy

How to block spam from your smartphone without the aid of an application. Do it from your Android

Phone call spam is the mobile universe horror when they invade your Android. But if they do not leave you alone, you do not have to throw your phone against the wall.  Is there a quick and easy way to block unwanted callers?

Here’s how to block SMS spam on mobile

Step by step instructions on how to block unwanted connections is highlighted below in bold. However, the Android operating system has a wide range of sequences, functions and possibilities of adjustments. If your device appears in a different sequence than presented, do not despair, search for similar expressions or get in contact with us.

If you have a mobile Android 4.4 is fast and easy to prevent contact and block connections. Depending on the modification performed on the Android operating system, it is more complicated to accomplish the task directly from the phone.

You can block contact, even if its not on the agenda since the call log screen. To do this, open ‘Phone’> Call Log ‘> choose the number to lock and hold it until you open a ‘ Menu Options’> ‘Add to reject list’> ‘OK’ .

You can also open the ‘Application Menu’> locate and mark ‘Telephone’> and press the Menu key on your phone to open the ‘Call Settings’ > ‘Call Rejection’> ‘Automatic Rejection List’ . Then just add the number you want to block or get it from your contacts. And the Android function works for a single number, linked contacts or a contact group, if selected from the agenda.

Diverting calls to voicemail

No voice mailbox? Eliminate the hassle of phone calls with a simple step. It is only divert the calls. To do this, open ‘Applications’> ‘Settings’> ‘My device’> ‘calls’> ‘Additional Settings’> ‘Forward calls’> ‘Voice Call’> ‘Always’ and add a number in the window that will open or choose a contact from the phonebook and activate.

How to block an unknown caller

Find ‘Call settings’ from your Android > ‘Call Rejection’> search by the expression ‘Automatic Rejection List’ or similar > enable the function ‘Unknown’ , private number or something and block by default contacts via phone calls unknown numbers. You can also include spam numbers, click ‘+’ .