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Breaking: Smart Home Data Breach Exposes 2 Billion Records

An international company that manages an IoT platform was left vulnerable and hackable.

The internationally based Chinese firm, Orvibo is the latest organization to be hacked. The company operates an Internet of Things (IoT) management platform with access to a large amount of personal data from their customers.

How Did the Data Breach Happen?

Security researchers who are working on a web-mapping project that identifies weaknesses in online databases discovered the huge breach. 

The details of the breach is disturbing. A wrongly configured database was left exposed without it being password protected. Secondly, a web-based app that was designed to make it easier to navigate the said database also had no password on it. As a result, 2 billion records were exposed to the internet and contained the following data:

  • Passwords
  • Email addresses
  • Account reset codes
  • Exact location
  • IP address
  • Username/UserID
  • Family name/Family ID
  • Smart device conversations
  • Home device that accessed user account 

Orvibo’s website claims to “support millions of IoT devices,” promising security and safety of data on their cloud server.

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It’s no question that smart home devices can ease a busy household’s schedule; however, don’t solely rely on a brand’s promise to protect your data. 

Consumers often take for granted that a third-party like Facebook is guarding personal information that they collect, but scandals in the recent past prove otherwise. 

Also, what’s dangerous about exposed records is the strong possibility that hackers will find it and use it to launch scams and profit financially or sell it on the dark web.

What Can I Do to Be Safe?

We don’t recommend leaving your online identity up to someone else to manage–implement your own preventative measures to protect your personal information.

PSafe has two dfndr security plans that offer superior, advanced features:

1. Pro Security Plan

The Pro Security plan includes an important feature that directly relates to data breaches: Identity Theft Reports. It also has a robust Anti-theft function if your phone is ever lost or stolen. 

Here’s a breakdown:

Unlimited Identity Theft Reports

Register multiple email accounts and obtain real-time reports on the safety of your login credentials. If one of your accounts is breached, you’ll know which password was compromised and get assistance on how to fix it.

Anti-Theft Protection

The Anti-theft feature enables you to geolocate your phone, remotely lock it and erase data, and will also send you photo evidence by email of a thief trying to access your phone.

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2. Ultra Security Plan

The Ultra Security plan includes unlimited Identity Theft Reports (plus, being able to know which passwords are compromised), Anti-theft protection, and in addition, Identity Theft Monitoring. Watching all your logins, all the time can help mitigate your information being leaked and used by cybercriminals.

Here are more details on what Identity Theft Monitoring can do for your safety:

Data Monitoring

Monitor all of your credentials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To activate this, register your email accounts and whenever there is any suspicious activity concerning your personal data, you’ll immediately receive a notification by email.

Regular Reporting

Every week, you’ll receive a thorough security status of your registered accounts right into your inbox.

Breach Alerts

If your data is ever violated, you’ll get alerts by email with details of the leak and what to do to resolve the problem.

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While data breaches will keep making news headlines, you can be one less statistic by taking control of your information on the internet.