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CCleaner Compromised By Hackers

The popular cleaning tool for Windows experienced a data breach of their download servers, infecting version 5.33 with malware. Find out more about it here.

Researchers at Cisco Talos are reporting that CCleaner, a free optimization, privacy and cleaning tool that’s distributed by Avast Piriform, are the victims of hackers. Consumers use CCleaner to remove junk files on Windows hard disk space and clear cache from online sessions.

A spokesperson for CCleaner said that about 2.27 million users installed the infected software. However, the spread of the malware was stopped before further users were affected.

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Cybercriminals managed to locate and infect Piriform’s download servers and the 5.33 release of CCleaner was issued with hidden malware. If launched on a PC, the malware can turn into a botnet, allowing hackers to gain control of one or more computers in a network to steal login credentials or other personal information.

When it comes to cyber crimes, a malware attack at the source is becoming more common. While frightening to ponder, businesses that offer software services are constantly modifying security protocols and employing strong tactics to stop breaches consistently.  

As the creators of the dfndr security app, we take this challenge seriously. “Desktop security applications are particularly vulnerable to this kind of hack. Our Android apps leverage proprietary servers and technology to protect our app. In fact, our routine app integrity check would disable the app if there was even a line of code that didn’t match the original,” said Apolo Doca, VP of Engineering at PSafe.

Hackers are industrious, devising new ways to steal data, either from individuals or businesses. The best offense for either group is to remain knowledgeable about potential threats and utilize the tools that keep information safe, intact, and protected.

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