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Cell battery can lose its life over time. Myth or truth?

Cell battery can lose its life over time. Myth or truth?

Rumor has it that a phone battery’s life depletes over time. But if this is true, is there some way to stop it?

The older the cellular device, the greater chance a battery will last a shorter amount of time. Smartphones today do not support the hours of use, and some of them need to recharge up to three times a day. Those who forget their charger and spend the day with their phone knows what this feels like.

But is it the use of time that makes the battery wear down? Some people say that it is not good for a device to be removed from the outlet before charging is complete. Other comments suggest that it is important to charge less frequently. There are even those who recommend charging a phone after a power reset. But these are all myths.

The story comes from 1960 when GE scientists identified a problem in batteries by way of satellites and released a statement. However, there was no data proving this problem could happen to any electronic device.

The company failed to identify any other case beyond that to prove the myth being spread today. Indeed, it is true that with time the phone battery will be worn down as it is used. This is because the ions begin to move more slowly and there is nothing to modify this effect unless the battery is replaced with a new one.