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How to Dominate Clash Royale on Android

How to Dominate Clash Royale on Android

Enter the world of kings and queens, and learn the tricks you’ll need to reign supreme in this real-time, multiplayer game

If you are currently fighting your way through Clash Royale, or have only just started your medieval journey, there are a few things you may want to know if you’re interested in a competitive edge. Here’s how you can take your Clash Royale gaming experience to the next level, without making any rookie mistakes!

Get the Goods

Chests have varying wait times. Since these chests contain the gold, and the cards you need to advance in the game, they are worth waiting for. Unfortunately, the more unique the chest, the longer you’ll need to wait. The wooden chests you receive while training only have a fifteen second wait period, whereas the ‘Super Magic Chests’ require a full twenty-four hour wait time before you can open them. Time your chests so that you aren’t waiting around aimlessly. Be patient, and reap the rewards.


It’s a newbie mistake to use too much Elixir, and then be crushed by a large force. Whenever you put a new card into play, you should always double-check your Elixir level. Use smaller unit levels first that will not only regenerate quickly, but will also overrun the battlefield before you resort to higher-level cards. Let your towers take care of the little guys while you focus on destroying the enemy.

Best Cards for Battle

Begin your battle with Goblins and Super Goblins. They don’t consume too much Elixir, and can help get the job done. Baby Dragons, Barbarians, Minion Horde, and high-level bombers (they will annihilate a crowd of goblins) are good to have on hand. It’s all about a balanced deck. Choosing solely strong cards will drain away Elixir, and ensure your defeat by inexpensive, fast troops. Consider the skills of your troops before you put them in place. Improve the cards you prefer to use. Keep an eye on the timer, and carefully decide which troops to deploy when. A solid, well-balanced deck is your way to victory.

A New Clash for Champions

Those who loved the Android gaming app Clash of Clans will enjoy this new take. Some of the characters are similar, but this app has a whole new feel, and looks fantastic.

When it’s finally time to open those treasure chests, make sure your battery doesn’t die on you. Install PowerPRO to find out the root of any big power drains, and help your phone’s battery last longer. Are you a Clash Royale fan? Share your own tips and tricks in the comments below.