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Those Donation Emails For Hurricane Harvey May Not Be Real

This latest hurricane devastated parts of east Texas, which brings out the good samaritan in you, but beware before clicking on a link to help out the victims.

Hurricane Harvey is a heartbreaking disaster that affects everyone, usually banding Americans together in unity. When feeling vulnerable, you may receive an email asking for a monetary donation to a charity. Of course, it’s vital to help victims get back on their feet, but be cautious of hackers taking advantage. A warning was just issued by Homeland Security to not be caught in a phishing scam about Hurricane Harvey.  If you aren’t currently protected from phishing attacks, activate the anti-hacking feature now:


When activated, you can feel at ease because the a
nti-hacking feature blocks any phishing attempts through seemingly innocent emails that may have a malicious link, or it will also protect you when navigating the Internet and you land on a suspect link.

Use Common Sense Even in Stressful Times
It can be distressing to watch victims suffer and want to help. The most important thing to remember when reviewing emails asking for monetary donations is how legitimate the charity is. Always verify any email solicitation by directly contacting the organization through a listed phone number. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) compiles authentic contact information for charities in the National Charity Report Index.

Truth is, sometimes clicking on a fraudulent link happens. Which is why the second most important thing is to always have a reliable antivirus installed on your computer and Android phone. When using dfndr, make sure the anti-hacking feature is definitely on to stop hackers from stealing your financial or personal information.

A third thing to be aware of is these scams didn’t just affect emails, but hackers cleverly placed links on Facebook and Twitter to separate decent samaritans from their money. Again, always verify the charity is legitimate.

Sadly, when disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes or hurricanes wreak havoc on landscapes and human lives, cybercriminals do take advantage of citizens trying to help others through charities, so it pays to be aware of these scams so that you can truly focus on giving assistance where it will go 100%.

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