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Don’t Give Up On Your Slow, Laggy Smartphone

Learn why your phone slows down and how to fix it.

Many smartphone users believe they need to upgrade their smartphones every time the next model comes out. Over time, smartphones become sluggish and don’t perform as well as they did when they were fresh out of the box. A common misconception is that smartphone processing speeds slow down with age and older phones need to be replaced. However, you can get your old phone running like brand new by clearing the cache files regularly.

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Cache files are created by apps and websites to help your smartphone improve load times and performance. They can be beneficial to sites and apps you use regularly as they build “shortcuts” by reusing some of the information from previous visits so that information doesn’t have to be recreated each time you use them.  

The downside is cached data takes up storage space on your device and can get corrupted over time. Additionally, cache data builds up from apps and sites you seldom use. The result is a delay or lag in your phone’s processing speed and makes your phone load slower in addition to taking up valuable storage space. In some cases, cache file buildup causes apps and webpages to freeze up or stop responding.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution to this annoying problem. dfndr performance is a free phone cleaner app with powerful tools that can help keep your phone’s speed and performance optimized. You may not realize that like your car, your smartphone needs regular maintenance and tune-ups to keep it running well. dfndr performance was developed to improve all aspects of your Android’s operation and to ensure that it operates as well as the day you took it out of the box.  

The Quick Cleaner tool is designed specifically to help address the problem of slow smartphones by removing junk cache files. Here are the fine points:

  • The Quick Cleaner feature is easily activated by a single tap.
  • The tool automatically clears cache files and frees up valuable storage space and has a reminder feature to help you schedule regular cleanings so your phone remains clutter-free and running like new.
  • There’s also an Advanced Cache Cleaner tool that gives your phone a more in-depth, thorough cleaning.