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How Effective is Your Android Security App?

Most of all, your antivirus software should be effective at detecting malware and protecting your device against security threats.

Antivirus software should be effective: it should be able to detect the latest malware, and a variety of malware, to ensure that your device is secure and protected against malicious threats. It should also be able to locate any malware installed on your device, and depending on the complexity of the malware, the antivirus software should be able to remove it.

Often, it is recommended that users have two antivirus programs, with the idea that what one program doesn’t catch, the other one will. However, it isn’t necessarily true that two programs will be more effective at catching malware than one program, because the two programs might end up competing with one another and affect the performance of your device. When it comes to malware detection, one antivirus program is sufficient.

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The AV-Test

One of the best ways to find out how effective your antivirus software is at detecting and removing malware is to consult the professionals. The AV-Test Institute has been dedicated to IT security and antivirus research for more than fifteen years. They analyze a variety of antivirus software for mobile devices, home computers, and corporate computer use. The AV-Test frequently analyzes the best antivirus software for Android devices. It analyzes the software according to the software’s performance, usability, and ability to detect malware.


DFNDR is a highly-rated antivirus app, and is considered to be one of the best antivirus apps for Android in the world. In terms of malware detection, the AV-Test found that DFNDR has a detection rate above the industry average. Specifically, DFNDR has an advanced detection rate of the latest malware over a period of time and in real-time. It is almost 100% effective at malware detection, whereas the industry average hovers between 98% and 99%.

As for usability, the DFNDR app receives top marks in performance and ease of use. The app doesn’t drain your phone’s battery life, impact your phone’s performance level, or generate an abundance of traffic. DFNDR actually works to optimize your phone’s performance by ensuring that your device is working at the speed it should be.

DFNDR also features active safe browsing, which helps to protect your device from malicious websites and phishing attempts. Bonus features of the antivirus app include a Applock password option and anti-theft protection, such as remote-lock, remote-wipe, and location options, which help to locate or protect your device if it is lost or stolen.

Download DFNDR for your Android for unbeatable and top-rated 24/7 antivirus protection. DFNDR will effectively protect your device from malware and security threats, so that you can continue to browse the internet and download apps free of worry.