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Facebook plans to target users’ news feeds

Facebook plans to target user’s news feeds

Have you ever sorted what appears on your Facebook feed according to content category?

It is not news that Facebook wants to turn your social network into a space for more information and utility for the user. By prioritizing news and reliable articles in your timeline, the site wants you to feel more informed and less bored with pictures of cats. Now, this major new change can further strengthen this effort: the segmentation of news feed.

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In general, what Facebook is proposing is to create tabs that group subjects according to interest. So, you have access to various timeline content with specific publications on a given subject. Want to know what everyone is saying about the Olympics? The tab for “Sports” is there to help you. Do not know who the Oscar winners are? Just look for the “Entertainment” tab.

Although Facebook is still undergoing testing phases and may just be an idea to increase the segmentation of content, Facebook said that the idea is to allow users to group their interests. According to the rumors, only the first tab is flexible, but the overall feed is not customizable. Moreover, users can create and maintain the curatorship for their main channels of content.

Although not an official release date has been set, the novelty seems likely for a future application. Let us know which tabs you’d create in the comments!