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Latest Update of dfndr security Means More Protection

We’re bringing big improvements to dfndr security so you can fully enjoy your digital life.

The latest update of dfndr security includes a FREE, exclusive feature to further protect your data. Introducing, the Privacy Protection feature!

What Is the Privacy Protection Feature and How Does It Help My Privacy?

In 2017, it was reported that over half of internet traffic was due to mobile app usage. Yet, people know very little about the apps loaded on their phone and whether or not an app is actually safe. A few key points about app usage:

  • Apps can be breached and personal information such as logins, passwords, or more can be leaked onto the internet. 
  • Apps can also contain trojans or malware which may go undetected to a user.
  • Apps also collect a lot of personal data, don’t you want to know where your data is going?  

The Privacy Protection feature is a monitoring tool for your apps that assesses their privacy safety level in the following ways:

Fully Scan Your Apps  

You’ll be able to scan all your apps to determine the risk level of each and know whether an app is safe or not.

Locate Critical App Data 

Besides a thorough app scan, locate on a map where your app data is going and how it might be used by third-parties. 

Privacy Alerts

If any app is considered a privacy risk, you’ll receive alerts with details and be given expert help to protect your privacy.

Is There Anything I Need to Do to Get the Privacy Protection Feature?

If don’t have automatic updates enabled on Google Play, just update the dfndr security app now and you’ll have full access to the Privacy Protection feature at zero cost to you! 

Keep investing in your security and privacy because the best person to guard those things is YOU!