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Google Play Protect Fails Again, Says Latest AV-TEST

A second look at Google’s trademark antivirus app draws some important conclusions about your security.

The latest AV-TEST results for the best Android antivirus apps are in and once again, Google Play Protect falls short.

While other Android apps scored 100%, including our app dfndr security, Google’s in-house security app only prevented 48.5% of malware in real-time and scored a dismal 66.3% detection rate of malware over a 4-week period.

This is an astonishing difference in the effectiveness of protection compared to the other 21 apps tested, with 6 of them scoring 100%.

These newest results illustrate it’s a risky prospect for those relying strictly on Google Play Protect, leaving your private data open to 1 out of 4 attackers.

“It’s best to take ownership of your security and privacy protection and choose a security app that will detect 99% of threats. You wouldn’t rely on a security system for your home that only detected burglars 48.5% of the time, so why would you rely on malware detection that only works 48.5% of the time?” Said Emilio Simoni, head of PSafe’s dfndr lab.

Google is a proven product on many levels, yet your personal information is still safer with the experts of third-party security companies like PSafe that have dedicated teams such as dfndr lab to detect threats better and faster.