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Google Play Protect Fails to Deliver – Only Stops 65.8% of Malware

Android’s flagship antivirus program underwent its first test against other trusted products on the market -- you’ll be surprised at the results.

The latest AV-TEST pits new player Google Play Protect against third-party antivirus apps and unfortunately, Google’s in-house product didn’t fare well.

Scoring a zero out of 6 for malware protection, Google Play Protect only stopped 65.8% of brand new malware and just 79.2% of 4-week old malware.

Many of the 20 other products received a score of 95% or more in both categories of malware detection. The gap in scores suggests that Google Play Protect essentially lets in twice the amount of malware than the other brands tested.

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Google Play Protect is bundled with certified Android devices and includes an automatic virus scanner and supports Google’s Find My Device (formerly Android Device Manager).

While Google’s built-in virus detection can be a benefit when you purchase a certified phone, the timely arrival of the AV-TEST results carries an important message.

“Google Play Protect is a basic technology that still needs a lot of improvements to face the evolving types of malware. Ultimately, securing your private information is best left to security experts who specialize in detecting, analyzing and implementing new technologies to anticipate digital attacks and stay steps ahead of cybercriminals,” said Emilio Simoni, head of PSafe’s dfndr Lab.

Even though Google continues to make advances in Android, it’s still an open ecosystem that is vulnerable on many levels, which is why third-party apps perform over out-of-the-box solutions.

Perhaps over time, Google Play Protect will improve. Regardless, it’s wise to take action today and implement extra protection for your Android phone, before it’s too late.