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3 Ways Hackers Target Android Phones

The Hackers Are Here: 3 Ways Cybercriminals Target Android Phones

Learn more about how cybercriminals can hack your photos, data, and files

Little accidents threaten your phone daily, ranging from spills to falls and cracked screens. But, there’s another looming threat that isn’t so easy to see, and it’s important you know how to handle it. Online ‘security incidents’ rose by 38% in 2015, and with the explosion of mobile devices worldwide, hackers are targeting smartphones and other hand-held devices in increasingly frightening numbers.

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Even if you don’t understand cloud and mobile technologies, know this: Hackers view your smartphone as an easy target. Why? Because there are multiple avenues for attack, and many users don’t take the necessary steps to protect themselves. Are you one of them?

Here are three popular ways online criminals can target your device:

1. Malicious apps

Not every app is what it seems. Some malicious apps may look legitimate, but are actually meant to trick consumers. Once installed, these apps spread malware throughout your phone, and can steal your personal information. So far, there are over 50 exposed Android apps that contain rootkit malware.

2. Web browsing

Some hackers are able to access your phone while you’re browsing your favorite sites. This uninvited guest can now access your bank accounts, photos, and financial information, all while you’re none the wiser. Malicious links, once clicked, can send you to sites created by cybercriminals. These sites are often infected with viruses, spyware, and more. Phishing links direct you to these infected sites as well, but are sent to you via email. With these different methods, cybercriminals can fool you into letting them breach your phone and data.

3. Ghostware

Ghostware is next-level malware, designed to cover its own tracks once the damage has been done. This form of malware enters into your phone’s system, steals data, and disappears. This makes life easy for hackers, who can erase all traces of their online crime.

Chances are you’ve heard about some of these online dangers before, but have you taken any action to prevent them? Android smartphones, and other hand-held devices, provide countless hours of productivity and entertainment for billions of users. Don’t let a virus prevent you from enjoying all your device has to offer.

It is possible to enjoy the endless benefits of your Android device while staying one step ahead of cybercriminals. The PSafe Total Anti-virus feature was created to protect you. With one free download of the PSafe Total app, the anti-virus feature will quickly scan all of your phone’s files to fix any security breaches. Stay protected from all online threats 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You wouldn’t leave your front door open at night, so why leave your Android open to hackers a minute longer?