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Hacking Groups Attacked Trump and Clinton’s Websites

A group of hackers targeted the websites of both major presidential candidates before the election. Find out more about the attack now.

Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important issue as we approach each new election in the United States. The proliferation of technology in campaigns has made hacking more and more prevalent for all major political parties involved.

An Attempt at Hacking the Election

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had their websites hacked prior to the election in early November. The hackers used Mirai malware to attack their websites. This Mirai technique involves flooding a website with fake internet visitors with the hope of shutting down the website.

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However, in this instance, the hackers feebly used this technique as an attempt to flood the websites with traffic to shut them down. They did not succeed, and both websites functioned well throughout the election. Both of these hacks were 30 second surges of fake visitors to each website, and both were unsuccessful.

There were four separate strains of malware detected in the hacking. All four of them targeted Donald Trump’s campaign website, while one of them attempted to hack Hillary Clinton’s website. There is no evidence that these hacks were coordinated together. In fact, analyzers are assuming that these hacks were executed by competitors.

This Mirai attack on the two major candidates is not the first time an internet hacker has tried to manipulate an election, and it won’t be the last. Both major parties need to be increasingly vigilant as hackers continue to attempt to sabotage their websites. One can only hope that security will prevail over malicious hacking as we try to retain the integrity of our democratic voting system in America.

A Successful Mirai Cyberattack

While this amateur attempt failed, there have been other Mirai attacks that have been successful in the past. For instance, for over two hours on a Friday in late October, more than a dozen major websites experienced blanket outages due to this malware. The New York Times, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr are just a few of the websites that experienced this shutdown. This attack worked because the hackers successfully flooded the websites with fake visitors at a capacity that warranted a shutdown. Too much junk traffic clogs the website and causes the URL to fail.

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