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Can You Block Spam Political Calls?

As election midterms approach, volunteers and campaign staff are ramping up political calls to get people to the polls.

The U.S. heads into the midterm elections in the next few weeks with the nation deeply divided over the current administration and many of its controversial policies. With both sides of the political spectrum at odds, there is an even bigger push to get the public to the polls to vote in November. Many candidates from both sides of the political aisle will utilize campaign staffers to work the phones in hopes of encouraging a larger voter turnout. Unfortunately, that means there will be a significant rise in unwanted calls in the coming weeks. Have you experienced these yet?

Telemarketing and robocalls have become a growing problem in the past several years and many scammers and unethical companies continue to annoy consumers with illegal calling practices. Laws have been put into place to protect the public from those who solicit over the phone. Fed up consumers have taken measures to protect themselves such as registering their phone number on their state or national Do Not Call List in order to prevent sales related phone calls.

Unfortunately for many, political campaign calls and election-related polls are one of the few exceptions that are exempt from telemarketing laws to wireless numbers. Text messages are not currently regulated, and campaign staffers may contact voters via SMS. As a result, there is a much higher volume of unwanted calls around election time.

While wireless phone users may not be able to stop unwanted political calls and texts altogether and there is no a way to opt out of receiving them. 

You can take steps to prevent receiving multiple calls from the same number. One solution we recommend is to use your smartphone’s native call filtering tools. 

Although telemarketing and robocalls can be frustrating and there is no way you can be removed from the lists of political candidates, unfortunately.

National events like an election can also invite a higher incidence of online scammers. One example of a scam is someone contacting you claiming to be a campaign representative and requesting a campaign donation for your local constituent. Be wary of emails or SMS messages that contain such requests. Always examine the email or SMS carefully before responding, or better yet, don’t even respond and contact your candidate’s office directly to make a donation. 

You may not be able to control spam calls, but you can control the safety of your Android by installing dfndr security and activating the anti-hacking feature. The feature will immediately alert you of a malicious link before you even click on it.

Regardless how you vote, remaining aware of the rise in spam and scams can help you get through until the next elections.